The Federal Archives is divided into eight departments and the "Foundation Parties and Mass Organisations of the GDR in the Federal Archives".

Abteilungs- und standortübergreifende Videokonferenz zwischen Koblenz und Berlin-Lichterfelde

Department Z (Central Administrative Matters)

Department Z is responsible for the Federal Archives' central administrative matters. It has the task of providing the staff, organisational, technical and financial means for the performance of the archival tasks in the Federal Archives' departments. The division's headquarters are located in Koblenz; some units are also represented by employees at the sites in Berlin, Freiburg, Bayreuth and Hoppegarten.

Department GW (Policy and Science)

Department GW is responsible for archive-related policy matters and scientific affairs. Its headquarters are located in Koblenz. It coordinates interdisciplinary issues such as forming the archival holdings, public relations, training and education, international relations and issues pertaining to archival law. It also supports the management in strategic planning. Department GW finally comprises the units responsible for the Federal Archives' scientific editions.

Department AT (Technical Archival Matters and Central Professional Services)

Dissociated from the former department G, department AT was established in March 2015, assuming responsibility for the cross-sectional technical archiving tasks. It is represented at the sites in Berlin, Koblenz and Hoppegarten and is dedicated above all to the tasks of conservation, archival information technology, the digital magazine, the digital intermediate archives and film technology.

Department B (Federal Republic of Germany)

Mainly situated in Koblenz, department B is responsible for the transmission of records from the central civilian authorities of the Federal Republic of Germany, including the western occupation zones. It advises the federal administration on the organisation of their records management and is responsible for the intermediate archives in Sankt Augustin-Hangelar and Hoppegarten. Department B also includes the Equilisation of Burdens Archives in Bayreuth and the archives of the Central Office of the State Justice Administrations for the Investigation of National Socialist Crimes in Ludwigsburg.

Department R (German Reich)

In department R, the records of the civilian central authorities of the German Reich (1867/71-1945), which were disrupted by the Second World War and the division of Germany, have been brought together in Berlin-Lichterfelde. To these holdings from the Reich, which had previously been located mainly in Potsdam and Koblenz, the personal files and documents from the Berlin Document Centre (BDC), which was under American administration until 1994, have been added. Additionaly, the department R is in charge of the few holdings dating back to the 15th century which have previously been kept at the former branch office in Frankfurt/Main.

Department DDR (German Democratic Republic)

Department GDR in Berlin-Lichterfelde is responsible for the documents of civilian provenance of the central state apparatus of the GDR and its predecessors in the Soviet Occupation Zone (SBZ).

Department MA (Military Archives)

Department MA in Freiburg is responsible for the documents of military provenance of the Federal Republic and its predecessors. These include documents from the Federal Ministry of Defense and the Federal Armed Forces' Administration, the National People's Army, the Wehrmacht, the Waffen-SS, the Reichswehr, the Schutztruppen and Freikorps, the North German Federal Navy, the Imperial Navy and the Prussian Army from 1867.

Department FA (Film Archives)

Department FA in Berlin comprises the holdings of the film departments of the Federal Archives (until 1990) and the State Film Archives of the GDR. Films are transmitted to the department FA based on the regulations of the Federal Archives Act and the Film Promotion Act as well as a result of active collection. Department FA also includes the unit in charge of pictures, maps, plans, posters and sound recordings based in Koblenz.