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Research services

Basically, research and usage are conducted in Federal Archives offices by the user on the premises.

Minor investigations are generally carried out by Federal Archives employees, but may be subject to a fee under certain conditions. A comprehensive and time-consuming search by the Archives personnel is in general not possible.

If you are unable to conduct your own investigations on the premises, it is possible to engage a private company to carry out the necessary work. If you engage a research agency, you are still required to submit a "Benutzungsantrag" [application form for readers]. It is recommended that the research agency be sent the filled out and signed pre-printed application form, who must hand this over, together with the agency’s own application form, to the Federal Archives at the commencement of research. By submitting the pre-printed application form, you undertake to comply with the regulations of the Federal Archives Act, the usage regulations and the Costs Directive.

In the following lists and overviews you will find a range of private cross-regional research agencies as well as companies who preferentially undertake investigations in the Berlin and Freiburg areas. These compilations make no claim to completeness and are only updated at irregular intervals.  The Federal Archives cannot be held responsible for the quality or price-worthiness of the services offered.

Addresses of regional research agencies:

Research agencies in Berlin(pdf, ~105.62KB)
German Reich Department, German Democratic Republic Department, Foundation Archives of Parties and Mass
Research agencies in Freiburg(pdf, ~67.26KB)
Military Archive Department
Research agencies in Ludwigsburg(pdf, ~64.06KB)
Documents of the Central Office for the Investigation of National Socialist Crimes
Research agencies in Bayreuth(pdf, ~20.74KB)
Lastenausgleichsarchiv (Archives on equalization of burdens)

Links to nationwide research agencies: