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New acquisitions in the Federal Archives

The lists of new acquisitions at offices belonging to the Federal Archives library have been integrated into the online catalogue. These are supplied at monthly intervals. The information is updated daily every month.

New acquisitions list

In addition to the monthly information, it is possible to select the hitherto existing classification of new acquisitions in Berlin-Lichterfelde:

  • Official publications (official printed archives) of the German Reich
  • Official publications (official printed archives) of the GDR
  • Printed archives from parties and organisations of the GDR
  • Printed archives from the NSDAP, its structures and affiliated associations
  • Archive management, librarianship
  • History
  • Pre-1945 history
  • Post-1945 history
  • Sociology, political science, economics, art...
  • Biographies
  • Northern Europe
  • Eastern Europe
  • Newspapers and journals

Selection of subject areas or individual titles:

On the homepage the current month is the default setting in the "Erwerbungszeitraum" [Acquisition period] menu, with the previous eleven months available retrospectively (under construction). A classification item is selected via the "Sachgebiet" [Subject area] menu. The search will not work if no subject area is selected. The arrow keys of the relevant browser are used to navigate forwards and backwards.

Save search results or send by email:

The individual subject areas can be sent by email or saved. The required titles are selected by placing a green tick in the checkbox of the desired title or via the "Alle auswählen" [Select all] button in the blue navigation bar. The "Speichern und Senden" [Save and send] button above the blue navigation bar is then selected. A menu appears which offers the option of sending the selected titles by email (by entering an email address) or of saving them on the PC (no email address entry, leave field empty).