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Conventional library catalogues

The literature available in the library has been displayed in the OPAC since the acquisition year 1995.

Approx. 80 % of the literature is still accessible in card indexes, which can be used in Berlin-Lichterfelde. 14 alphabetical catalogues, 6 subject catalogues and 15 catalogues on microfilm are available in the reading room for literature research.

A directory of the card indexes contains information on what literature is available in what card index, where they are located and according to what rules they may be used.

The directory contains descriptions of card indexes and of the catalogues held in microform. It groups them according to availability to users.

The following information is given for each catalogue:

- the contents;

- the principle of classification;

- the specification of the reference numbers;

- references to other catalogues;

- and the origin.

All card indexes may be used. Some catalogues are located in offices owing to limited space. Should you wish to conduct research there, please contact the library information service.