Das Bundesarchiv

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The Federal Archives makes over two million publications available to staff and users in seven offices, with the most extensive inventory being 1.6 million volumes in Berlin-Lichterfelde. These mainly include historical monographs, biographies, works on the history of administration and important historical and archival journals, but also official printed archives from the federal agencies for the transmission of whose current records the Federal Archives is responsible.

Library holdings in the Federal Archives:

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Research options

Advices for reference

Regulations governing the use of the reference service are contained in the Federal Archives Act, the Federal Archives access regulations, the Federal Archives cost regulations and the reading room regulations of the Federal Archives.

Reference locations

The library holdings at the offices in Bayreuth, Berlin-Wilmersdorf, Freiburg, Koblenz, Ludwigsburg and Rastatt are reference stock. They may only be used in the Federal Archives; it is not possible to take them out on loan.

The library holdings from the Foundation Archives of Parties and Mass Organisations of the GDR in the Federal Archives are available to everyone. Holdings dating from the year of publication 1955 can be borrowed in Berlin-Lichterfelde via the local lending and interlending services. The terms and conditions of using the reference service are governed by the access regulations dated 24 January 1994. Staff from the reference department or the library information service will be pleased to provide details on the conditions of use and the catalogues, as well as ordering and borrowing literature.