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Pictures and posters

The Federal Archives has pictures, aerial pictures and posters on German history.

The picture holdings of the Federal Archives start with visual illustrations dating from the 17th century and document the political, socio-economic and cultural aspects of the history of the German state on a central platform.

Separate from the actual picture collections of the picture archive, some pictures and posters are also located in case files and some may form an integral part of personal papers.

Highlights of picture records are

German Reich: Kaiser Reich (1871-1918)

German Reich: Weimar Republic (1918-1933)

German Reich: National Socialism (1933-1945)

GDR (1949-1990)

Federal Republic of Germany

Biographical collections

Geographical collections

Aerial pictures

Highlights of poster collections are

Special groups

Research options

Advices for reference

Reference locations

Several places provide a reference service for the Federal Archives: