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Library holdings on German film

The collection highlighting German film history and technology from its origins until the present day includes more than 15,000 volumes, including the collection of literature from the State Film Archives of the GDR up to 1990, with further publications on East European film history.

Research possibilities

Bibliographische Informationen

German-language journals in the library holdings(pdf, ~526.24KB)
Foreign journals in the library holdings(pdf, ~66.99KB)

Spezielle Bereiche

Library publication list(pdf, ~106.25KB)

Notes on the reference service

The literature on German film history and technology is reference stock. It can be used in the reading room in Berlin-Wilmersdorf. Film-related acquisitions by the Federal Archives up until 1991 are documented in Koblenz and can be used there. The reference venue (Berlin-Wilmersdorf or Koblenz) is shown by the title in the copy information in the online catalogue.