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The Federal Archives collect German films of all genres – including newsreels, cartoons, documentaries and feature films – and from all epochs since the end of the 19th century. The film collection is enhanced by documents on film history, which portray the artistic and technical development of the medium of film and the emergence and impact of individual productions.

Particular focal points of film records are

The collections of film-related materials include

Collections do not include television productions or foreign films, unless one of the co-producers was German.

Special groups

Research options

Advices for reference

The regulations governing the use of the reference service are contained in the Federal Archives Act (BArchG), the Federal Archives access regulations, the Federal Archives cost regulations and the reading room regulations of the Federal Archives. Please note that specific legal and contractual provisions may apply in the case of access to personal records and archives of private origin with copyright implications.

Reference locations

A reference service for the Federal Archives is provided in Berlin-Wilmersdorf.