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Library holdings on the military

The collection highlighting militaria includes more than 87,000 volumes. The library holdings have supplemented the military archives since 1867. Of particular note is the comprehensive collection of divisional histories, biographies, defence and army information, and war history, enhanced by the areas of history, politics, law and general and specialised reference works. The online catalogue provides access to more than 6,000 titles and norm datasets on the main focus of the collection. It contains all new arrivals since 1996. The reference venue Freiburg is shown by the title in the copy information.


Bibliographische Informationen

The new acquisitions are arranged according to month. The following subject areas can be selected:

  • General
  • Biographies
  • Politics
  • Judiciary
  • History
  • Colonial history
  • Economy
  • Scientific disciplines
  • Defence and army
  • War/warfare
  • War history army and troop history up to 1918
  • Army and troop history 1919 to 1945
  • Navy
  • German military history post-1945/German military history post-1990
  • Aviation, air force
  • Foreign armies
  • Newspapers/journals

Notes on the reference service

The library holdings are available to archives users and staff. The service is used via the lending desk or personally via the staff. The Freiburg office is not linked to the interlending service.

Conventional alphabetical catalogues and subject catalogues on-site allow access to the large pool of literature mainly related to military matters, which is not yet available in the online catalogue.