Das Bundesarchiv

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Reference letters

To prepare for your personal use of the reference service, or should you require written information, you may send an informal written reference letter to the Federal Archives. This must include details of the subject matter and purpose of your enquiry. You may do this by post or fax, or use the online contact form.

For legal reasons you will if necessary be asked to subsequently complete, sign and return a formal "Benutzungsantrag" [application form for readers]. The application form for readers can be downloaded and sent by post, fax or scan. Please attach an accompanying letter giving any further details that may be useful in dealing with your request.
In signing the application form for readers you undertake to comply with the regulations of the Federal Archives Act, the access regulations and the cost regulations. Any investigations conducted into your enquiry by the Federal Archives itself are, as a rule, subject to a charge (cf. no. 3 of schedule of fees of the Federal Archives cost regulations).

The use of archives is only allowed in the reading room and governed by the reading room regulations.