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Citation method

In general:

The reference number for archive material consists of three parts. Archives belonging to the Federal Archives are correctly cited as follows:

  1. The official abbreviation for the Federal Archives is "BArch". Please put this code only in front of the archives reference number. Please do not use any others, as this will lead to misunderstandings.
  2. This is followed by the archives reference number (= record group reference number and – separated by a slash – the volume number).
  3. If applicable, give the folio or page number if the Federal Archives uses a corresponding counting system.


  • BArch N 1006/432, fol. 13 (or fol. 3ff. or fol. 12-15)
  • BArch RW 19/234, pag. 4.

If you like to cite the full name of the record group, please write:

  • BArch RW 19 (OKW/Wehrwirtschafts- und Rüstungsamt)/234, pag. 4.

For pictures:

Concerning pictures a different citation method is used. Please, cite

  1.  the official abbreviation for the Federal Archives "BArch"
  2. the picture reference number and then - separated by a slash
  3. the author.


  • BArch, Bild 183-85458-0001 / Peter Heinz Junge