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Archives on the western occupation zones outside the Federal Archives

The records of the Allied Control Authority and the Allied Security Agency of the Allied High Commission have been passed on to the Federal Archive in rather piecemeal fashion. Additional and more comprehensive (partial) records are to be found in the national archives of the four former Allies.

The original files of the American military government in Germany between 1945 and 1949 (OMGUS) are located in the National Archives. Some of the records handed over to the Federal Archives by the Office of Military Government for Germany, US (OMGUS) are available on microfiche. The state archives of the states in the former US zone have the files of the respective state military governments on microfiche, whereas the Central Institute for Social Science Research at the FU Berlin and the Westphalian Industrial Archives in Dortmund possess a research-specific selection of fiches. The Institute of Contemporary History (IfZ) stores approx. 6 million pages on West German post-war history passed on by OMGUS on approx. 100,000 microfiches. As well as records of the state military governments, the documents passed on to the IfZ include files from the OMGUS headquarters in Berlin and from US representatives among Allied personnel and authorities. The IfZ thus holds the most extensive collection of OMGUS records outside the USA. This can be researched via the OMGUS database.

The files of the British military government in Germany between 1945 and 1949/55 are located in the National Archives. These have been made accessible in the eleven-volume inventory "Akten der Britischen Militärregierung in Deutschland. Sachinventar 1945-1955 (=/Control Commission for Germany British Element. Inventory 1945-1955, hrsg. von Adolf M. Birke, Hans Booms, Otto Merker; unter Mitwirkung von Deutsches Historisches Institut London, Niedersächsisches Hauptstaatsarchiv Hannover, München 1993)". The files for the French occupation can be accessed in the Ministère des Affaires étrangères et européennes - Direction des Archives - in La Courneuve near Paris.