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German Confederation (1815-1866) and Provisional Central Power (1848/49)

Access may be gained in the Federal Archives to the national archives of central civilian and military bodies of the German Confederation (1815-1866) and the Provisional Central Power (1848/49). This is supplemented by collections, pictures and records of private origin.

 The holdings of the Federal Archives comprise

  The Federal Archives largely has at its disposal

You will find further information on the reference pages Pictures and posters, Maps, plans and technical drawings, Military bodies and associations, Personal papers and Collections.

Research options

Advices for reference

The regulations governing the use of the reference service are contained in the Federal Archives Act (BArchG), the Federal Archives access regulations, the Federal Archives cost regulations and the reading room regulations of the Federal Archives. Please note that specific legal and contractual provisions may apply in the case of access to personal records and archives of private origin with copyright implications.

Reference locations

Reference service for the Federal Archives is provided in Berlin-Lichterfelde.