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Records from the former BDC

In 1994, after many years of negotiation, the Federal Archives brought the records of the BDC from American administration into its own sphere of responsibility as the Berlin-Zehlendorf branch archives. In 1996 the records were merged with the holdings of the German Reich section in the newly purchased Federal Archives building in Berlin-Lichterfelde.

Immediately after the war the BDC acted as a collection point for documents seized from the Nazi era, in order to prepare for the Nuremberg war crimes trials and denazification. In the early years numerous documents were taken from their original context of creation and made into new files. This led to the development of much mixed provenance. At the end of the 50s, non-biographical records were gradually transferred to the Federal Archive.

The most important holdings include:

  • Central membership record of the NSDAP (approx. 12m index cards)
  • Party correspondence (approx. 1.3m files)
  • Personal files from the SS Race and Settlement Office (approx. 240,000 files)
  • Personal records of SS members (approx. 350,000 files)
  • Personal records of SA members (approx. 550,000 files)
  • Resettlement, trafficking and naturalisation procedures of the central migration office in Litzmannstadt
  • Personal files from the Reich Chamber of Culture

The above-mentioned personal records may only be accessed via the personal details of the people concerned. Full details of surname, first name and date of birth will be required to carry out research work. Additional information on occupation or locations can be helpful.