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The archive in Hoppegarten on the eastern edge of Berlin, in the State of Brandenburg, is a new intermediate archive for the Federal Agencies set up in Berlin since 1990. It was set up in 1991 in the former GDR Ministry for State Security code and cipher centre, initially as a collection point for papers from shut-down "document centres", administration archives and offices of the GDR.

The second Federal Archives intermediate archive for supreme state authorities in the Berlin area has offered space for 85,000 shelf metres of files since 1997.

In 2005, the Film Archive Department moved into a new purpose-built structure. In its own film processing facilities, film material is technically processed, restored and copied. To date, around 80,000 rolls of cellulose nitrate film are stored in a special repository. These represent the oldest records of the Film Archive.

A plant for mass deacidification of paper was opened here by a commercial company in 2001 in the course of a privatisation concept for technical services.

A holdings preservation centre that retains the deacidification plant will be erected on the premises in Hoppegarten in a few years. It will be equipped with workshops for restoration and conservation of archives of all kinds, as well as for their filming and digitalisation.