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Departments General archival and research matters and Archival technology (Dep. GW and AT)

Department GW is responsible for General archival and research matters. It is headquartered in Koblenz. In this department, cross-departmental matters such as arrangement of record groups, public relations, training and education, international relations and archives legislation are coordinated. It also assists the management in questions of strategic planning.

Department GW comprises furthermore the sections in charge of the Federal Archives' scholarly editions and of historical research and education. The "Memorial to Freedom Movements in German History" (Erinnerungsstätte für die Freiheitsbewegungen in der deutschen Geschichte), located in the Palace of Rastatt, is also part of Department GW.

Sections GW 1 and GW 2, located mainly in Koblenz but represented in Berlin as well, are subordinated directly to the Vice-President. To these sections the following areas of responsibility are assigned (among others):

  • General archival matters; public relations; strategic planning; international and national archival relations; archive statistics
  • Archives legislation; law of fees; use; setting up record groups; description; training and further education in archiving; practical training

Sections GW 3, GW 4 and GW 5 are particularly responsible for:

  • Edition "Dokumente zur Deutschlandpolitik"; historical research and publications
  • Edition "Kabinettsprotokolle der Bundesregierung"
  • Historical education work; public events and exhibitions in Koblenz; Rastatt branch office

Originating in the former Department G, the new Department AT (Archival technology) was established in March 2015. It is represented in Koblenz as well as in Berlin and consists of four sections with the following main areas of responsibility:

  • General matters of preservation (conventional and digital); workshops and storage services in Koblenz and Berlin; construction issues in the Berlin metropolitan area;
  • Development, coordination and administration of archival IT applications
  • Digital Archives (ingest, preservation, digitisation, presentation); Intermediate Digital Archives
  • Film restoration and preservation