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Department Federal Republic of Germany (Department B)

The Department Federal Republic of Germany (B) is located in the main offices in Koblenz and is responsible for the records of the central civil authorities of the Federal Republic of Germany (since 1949), including the Western occupation zones (1945 – 1949), and supports the Ministries located in Berlin with a Section there. It is responsible for the intermediate archives in Sankt Augustin-Hangelar and in Hoppegarten. The Lastenausgleichsarchiv (archives on equalization of burdens) in Bayreuth also belongs to Department B as do the records of the Central Office of the State Justice Administrations for the Investigation of National Socialist Crimes in Ludwigsburg.

Department B advises the Federal Administration on the organisation of records management, accepts and appraises documents that are no longer needed and, in described form, makes these available to the public for use.

From the time of occupation, for example, files of the Länderrat des amerikanischen Besatzungsgebietes (Council of the States of the American Zone of Occupation), the Zonenbeirat der britischen Besatzungszone (Zonal Advisory Council of the British Zone of Occupation), the Wirtschaftsrat des Vereinigten Wirtschaftsgebietes (Economic Council of the Anglo-American Bizone), the Büro der Ministerpräsidenten des amerikanischen, britischen und französischen Besatzungsgebietes (Office of the Minister Presidents of the American, Britsh and French Zones of Occupation) and the Parlamentarischer Rat (Parliamentary Council) have been made available in the Federal Archives.

For the period from 1949 onwards, the archives of the constitutional organs, authorities and Federal courts, Federal bodies, institutions and public foundations and other Federal offices have been provided for use within the provisions of archives legislation. These include the written materials of the Federal Presidential Office and the Federal Chancellery as well as the files of the Ministries and subordinate authorities with national responsibilities.

Department B currently looks after over 175,000 shelf metres of files. A collection of printed official material supplements the administration records. The personal papers of important personages and documents of parties, associations and societies of cross-regional importance complete the records on the history of the Federal Republic of Germany. Pictures, cartographic records, posters and sound recordings, both official and private, are also available for use. All digital archive materials are maintained, researched and made accessible in Koblenz.