Combined search strategies in the search engine ARGUS for the Federal Archives


Search strategies

Presentation of the results

From the list of results to the place of discovery

The structured navigation

Navigation in the online finding aid

Navigation support

Display of digital reproductions

Explanation and links

Presentation of the results

• list of hits

– hit = descriptive unit in the finding aid (or description of record group in the holdings guide)

– inside the structure of the holdings in the sequence of the tectonics

– including indication of number of hits in the lowest classification group

– with folding structural context

• downwards: title of the descriptive units with upper classification levels

• upwards: levels of the tectonics in the holdings guide

• both sides: each level is clickable to enter directly the finding aid at the place of discovery

• leads to the places of finding in the context of the finding aid text

List of results for the search for "Normen"