Documentation on the Awarding of Medals and Decorations

Documents on the awarding of medals and individual decoration proposals can be found in the following fonds of the military archive:

RH 7 OKH / Heerespersonalamt (Army Personnel Office)
RW 59 - Personalverwaltende Stellen der Wehrmacht (Personnel Management Bodies of the Wehrmacht)

The awards lists document the presentation of the Iron Cross (Eisernes Kreuz) and the Military Service Cross (Kriegsverdienstkreuz). Only a relatively small amount of the documents have been lost. However, the following Iron Cross awards lists have been lost as a result of outsourcing: from the Polish, Norwegian, Western and Balkan campaigns and from the Eastern campaign of the Infantry Divisions 1 to 132 until the summer of 1943.

Due to the personal data contained in the awards lists, they can be used at least partially as a substitute for lost muster rolls. As there were no fixed presentation dates for the Iron Cross – unlike for the Military Service Cross – and the lists were drawn up on a monthly basis, short-term units also appear in the Iron Cross awards lists.