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Information on the use of maps and other large formats in the Federal Archives

Benutzung von Karten und Luftbildern in Berlin-Lichterfelde

The Federal Archives also hold maps, plans and technical drawings. Some of our fonds include topographical map series, individual maps with civil or military references, and strategic military maps. We also have plans, supplementary maps and technical drawings from the German Reich and the GDR. Maps are usually stored in a separate location due to their size.

Use of Maps

Most of our maps can be looked up on our search platform “invenio”, while others can be found using conventional finding aids in the reading rooms. Our maps can be consulted in separate rooms with large desks and special reading devices.

Please note that our maps are held at different locations depending on their category. Our fonds in Berlin-Lichterfelde include: topographical maps from the German Reich and the GDR; individual maps of towns and cities; maps of administrative areas, railway networks, postal routes, seas, streets, waterways and economic centres from the 18th century onwards; and plans and accompanying maps to document collections, such as maps of the German colonial administration and building plans from the GDR Academy of Building.

In Freiburg, we hold most of our maps with military references, such as military plans and drawings from the early 19th century onwards, strategic maps, construction plans as annexes to documents, and a collection of topographical map series and special maps published by military bodies.

Individual maps can also be found at our locations in Koblenz (e.g. in the fields of construction, spatial planning, maritime transport and hydrography) and in Bayreuth (especially in the field of East documentation).