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Information on the Cooperation of Interested Institutions

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The information portal of the Federal Archives "Forced Labour in the National Socialist State" includes an overview of archives, where reliable documentation about questions on the deployment of forced labourers in Germany and the German Occupying Forces can be found as well as other conceptual areas. In addition to information about the use of civil foreign manpower of all nationalities, details about forced labour in concentration camps and ghettos as well as POWs, Jews and other victim categories are of interest. The records of numerous provenances and different written materials contain factual information about the recruitment and hiring processes, the working and living conditions of the labourers and the families they left behind as well as the organisation of their deployments and many associated questions. The variety of archival documents held ranges from e.g. administration files of the local and regional self-government and the administration of the Occupying Forces to photo, film and poster collections.

Entries in the list of holdings are done by the archives themselves on the Internet. All it takes is an Internet connection with a standard browser. Data is entered straight into the online data base by means of a clearly structured template, which is easy to fill in. Details can immediately be made available on the Internet. The Federal Archives will neither charge any costs for the setting, provision and presentation of data nor for maintaining the portal. To enter an institution in the portal, a user ID is necessary, which can be made available by the Federal Archives to interested archives and similar establishments upon request.

The main part of data to be entered is made up of

1. an overview description of the thematic relevant total holding by stating the document types (e.g. type of written record) and their most important contents in form of a summary

as well as

2. a listing of relevant partial holdings. In-depth index information can be added here.

All archives, memorial places, museums and similar facilities that hold any material on "Forced Labour in the National Socialist State" are very welcome to join the development process of the information portal.

To obtain a login ID or to obtain further information, send an e-mail to the Federal Archives:

Subject: "Forced Labour"

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