Combined search strategies in the search engine ARGUS for the Federal Archives


Search strategies

Presentation of the results

From the list of results to the place of discovery

The structured navigation

Navigation in the online finding aid

Navigation support

Display of digital reproductions

Explanation and link


Description for use

Functions of a context sensitive search engine ARGUS



• document based union finding aid

– integrated finding aids in the form of XML documents (EAD)

– Announcement in the complete HTML opinion within a linked structure

– cross search with the OpenSource indexer Lucene

• several interconnected levels

– holdings guide (upper level)

– inventories (lower level)

• results lead into the text of the finding aid (like in an e-book)

– with surrounding non-hits

– shown inside the structure

– with open choice to shift to the structural navigation at any time

• 4 combined search strategies

– full text search

– navigation inside the structures

– browsing through the text

– using index references