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Legal Notice

Information provided pursuant to Art. 5 of the German Telemedia Act (Telemediengesetz) and Art. 55(1) of the German Broadcasting Treaty (Rundfunkstaatsvertrag)

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Nicolai M. Zimmermann
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This website offers a variety of information services. The website Zwangsarbeit im NS-Staat is sponsored by the foundation Remembrance, Responsibility and Future (EVZ) and was created by the Federal Archives. The directory of places of detention was created by the EVZ. It has been made available to and is now edited by the Federal Archives.

Legal information

The content of this website including the aforementioned modules was created with the utmost care. The Federal Archives, however, does not assume responsibility for the accuracy, completeness or timeliness of the content provided on this website. The Federal Archives reserves the right to terminate or amend this website at any time. The Federal Archives cannot assume responsibility for disruptions or other problems caused by faulty computer files or defective formats.

The content, structures and design of this website are protected by copyright and ancillary copyright. This also applies to the metadata of the directory of places of detention. Publication in the World Wide Web or in other parts of the internet does not constitute a declaration of consent for use by a third party. Any use of copyrighted material requires the prior written consent of the Federal Archives. The unauthorized use of content or entire pages may lead to prosecution under civil and criminal law.

The Federal Archives expressly welcomes you to link to this website and to quote documents. Please point out, however, that the content is from the website of the Federal Archives and ensure that the content is in no way associated with content of third parties whose interests contradict those of the Federal Archives.

Pursuant to Art. 7(1) of the German Telemedia Act, the Federal Archives is responsible for content of its own which it makes available for use. Content other than its own is made available by the Federal Archives in the form of external links. External links to content that is made available by other operators are to be distinguished from content of the Federal Archives. Since the aforementioned external links are dynamic references, the Federal Archives only checked whether the content integrated via dynamic links impinged upon the rights of third parties or violated established law in any way when the link was first placed. The Federal Archives is under no obligation to further examine external links and does not assume any liability for foreign content.

The Federal Archives does not assume responsibility for the content of websites that are accessible via links from its website. The operators of linked websites are responsible for the content of their sites. Liability for illegal, incorrect or incomplete content and particularly for damage arising from the use or non-use of information made available on such websites rests exclusively with the providers of the linked websites. The Federal Archives expressly distances itself from any content that may be relevant to prosecution under criminal law or to matters of liability and from content that offends common decency.

The Federal Archives processes personal data from requests for use and orders and forwards such data to service providers if necessary. Please consult the privacy statement of the German government for further information (http://www.bundesregierung.de/nn_1264/Content/DE/StatischeSeiten/datenschutzerklaerung.html).

German law is applicable. The Federal Archives reserves the right to amend or augment the site policy.

Additional information on the directory of places of detention created by the EVZ

The directory of places of detention created by the EVZ is a database-assisted online directory that allows its users to quickly locate approximately 3,800 camps and places of detention that have been taken into consideration by the EVZ within the scope of payments to former forced labourers. The directory includes information on use, the time period during which a place was used to detain forced labourers, geographical location, and bibliographical references and sources.

The EVZ created the directory of places of detention with great care and researched the information and data on this website. Mistakes, however, cannot be ruled out entirely. For this reason, we assume no liability, guarantee, assurance or warranty concerning the timeliness, accuracy and completeness of the information and data available on this website.


The entire directory of places of detention is protected by rights of the Federal Archives (see above) as well as copyright of the EVZ. Unauthorized use of content or entire pages will be subject to prosecution under criminal and civil law.


Claims for damages against the EVZ and the Federal Archives as the operator are excluded regardless of the legal grounds, unless the operator, its legal representatives or agents have acted intentionally or with gross negligence. This limitation of liability does not apply to claims for damages arising from injuries to life, limb or health or to claims for damages resulting from a guarantee of quality or a fraudulent concealment of defects by the operator. The EVZ and the operator are not responsible for data contained in the directory of places of detention.

Technical implementation

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