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Visits of Foreign Delegations

Colleagues and expert groups from abroad are very welcome to visit the Federal Archives, but date and details ought to be agreed on in due time.

Mitglieder einer Archivdelegation aus Indonesien mit ihren Gastgebern vor dem Bundesarchiv in Koblenz, August 2017

For the purpose of mutual exchange, the Federal Archives are happy to welcome and host delegations from abroad, in particular colleagues of other National Archives. In order to ensure a mutual success of these visits, we ask interested delegations to get in touch with us as early as possible and to consider the following indications:

  • The Federal Archives are represented at many different locations in Germany - its headquarter is situated in Koblenz. It is not possible to discuss any matter at any place - we have to keep in mind where the offices of the respective specialists are located. Therefore, please describe what you would like to talk about as precisely as possible, so that we can look out for contributions of the most suitable contact persons. Please do also let us know if you would like to visit one particular location only.
  • Not all of our colleagues speak English fluently, and a professional conversation in English between non-native speakers might well lead to misunderstandings. Based on our experience of earlier visits, we strongly recommend to ensure that your delegation is accompanied by an interpreter, as long as there is no person speaking German fluently among the delegation's members.
  • There is no unit within the Federal Archives dealing with international relations only. We thank you for your understanding that visits normally can only be arranged for at least two people and not for several days.
  • With pleasure we may confirm you in written form that the delegation's visit is welcome as soon as all details have been fixed and the names of the delegation's members are known to us. However, for legal reasons we are not able to send you formal "invitations".

Thank you very much and welcome to the Bundesarchiv!