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Commissioning Research Services



Der wissenschaftliche Archivar Fritz Wächter hat das 1447 in Naumburg geschlossene Landfriedensbündnis unter die Lupe genommen. Das Dokument ist mit den Siegeln der 40 geistlichen und weltlichen Fürsten sowie der Städte versehen, die das Bündnis unterzeichnet haben.

Private research services can be engaged if you are not able to do the research in the Federal Archives' reading rooms yourself.

In this case you ought to send the completed and signed usage application form to the research service that will forward it to the Federal Archives. By signing the usage appliction form you commit to complying with the Federal Archives Act as well as with the directions for usage and for costs and fees.

A number of regional and national private research services are listed below. The list is not claimed to be complete and can only be updated at irregular intervals. The Federal Archives can not guarantee the quality of the services offered.