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Visit to the Archives on Site

What should I consider when planning a visit to the archives?



Bundesarchiv Koblenz, Aushändigung des Benutzungsantrages an einen Benutzer

During the pandemic, regulations of access to the reading rooms have to be updated frequently. Please have a look on the Geman page "Öffnungszeiten, Coronaregeln und Kontakt" and the information on the use of the online reservation system.

You can download the usage application form in advance, fill it in and send it to the Federal Archives by e-mail or by post. It is a prerequisite for the use of archival material: with your signature you commit yourself to comply with the Federal Archives Act, the usage regulations and the regulations on costs. In this application, you must also specify the topic and the purpose of your research.

Please do not only send the usage application form to the Federal Archives, but also a written enquiry, detailing your request as precisely as possible. This enables the Federal Archives' employees to prepare for your visit, to give you specific recommendations concerning your research and to provide finding aids and files for you.

You might also address your enquiry directly to the department or office whose archival material you intend to use. Please do not send the same enquiry simultaneously to several departments of the Federal Archives, as they will coordinate the answer to your request anyway. Should it seem promising, the Federal Archives also gives information on further possibilities for enquiries to other institutions.

In order to prepare your request or your visit, you can also research online and pre-order documents via the online research application "invenio". A maximum of 50 files per person can be pre-booked and then used in the reading room for a period of 21 days.

The use of archival material is only possible at its respective location and is regulated by the reading room regulation. Contact details as well as the reading rooms' opening hours can be found at "Opening Hours and Contact". If you are not sure about the location at which to conduct your research, we recommend you send an enquiry using the contact form.

Having arrived in the reading room, please contact the supervisor. If it has not been done before, you now sign the usage application form and are informed about everything worth knowing about the issuing of files.