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Requesting Copies



In the reading rooms of the Federal Archives in Koblenz, Berlin-Lichterfelde and Freiburg, you can use digital cameras to make simple working copies of archive material under certain conditions. You can find more information in the Reading Room Regulations for the Federal Archives.

The creation of high-quality reproductions at these locations is outsourced to the company Selke. You can find out more by downloading the leaflet provided on this website. You can also download information and forms from other companies that offer special types of reproductions. You can find the terms and conditions of Selke and their current price list on their website.

Please note: In case you would like to engage the company Selke for reproductions, you are asked to fill in and sign the request for use as well. Please do also add some form of official photo identification (for example a copy/scan of your passport or your driver’s licence). You may return the signed requests and the photo identification via email (scanned version) or by post or by fax.

If reproductions are provided internally by the Federal Archives, the resulting fees shall be calculated in accordance with the List of Fees and Expenses (B. Expenses, I. Execution of Reprographic Work) contained in the Fee Regulations of the Federal Archives. This is particularly the case at our locations in Bayreuth and Ludwigsburg.

If items are provided as microfiches or microfilm, you can use the microfilm scanner available in the reading rooms to make your own paper copies (No. 02.1 and 02.2 in the List of Fees and Expenses contained in the Fee Regulations of the Federal Archives). You can find out more information at the service desk in each reading room.

Reproductions of large formats at the branch of the Bundesarchiv in Freiburg

The Bundesarchiv itself normally does not carry out any reproduction orders. But the Bundesarchiv has ongoing digitisation projects for large formats (for example technical drawings of ships or large maps). Therefore if you wish to get scans of large formats the Bundesarchiv can check whether these large formats are part of an ongoing digitisation project and if it is possible to prioritize these large formats. The digitisation team of the Bundesarchiv only creates full-surface scans (300ppi, TIFF format) and no clippings. Please note that to process your order and to prioritize the large formats can usually take a few weeks or months.

You can find more information in the pdfs on this website “Merkblatt für den Bundesarchiv-Digitalisierungsauftrag” and “Bundesarchiv-Digitalisierungsauftrag".